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Hi, I'm WB and welcome to the Sonic Comic Review Page, where I along with Brian Sapinski (A.K.A. The Sonic Whammy) will be in charge of Comic Reviews, and basic information of the comic every month. Look forward to some changes coming soon to this page! Also included are previews to upcoming books every month. And guess what? thanks to the help of Gallop T. Kelpie And David Bulmer - We now have a Fleetway Section !!! So sit back, relax, and enjoy the view!

*** Updates - November 30, 1998 ***

WB here: OK, here it've all waited for it and you all deserve it. I'm sorry.....THERE ! I said it. Any more words and I hit you all with my wet noodle. So far the Previews and Comics news page have been updated. that is all ! Expect later on in the week to get the Archives and other such things finished as well. That is all !

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Would you like to contribute to the comic reviews page??? Want to share your thoughts on the latest issue of Sonic and Knuckles? If so then send me a small paragraph telling us how many rings you would give the book, your outtake on it, why it was good or bad and overall comments on writing and art!!!! And the best ones will be posted on the next update along with our regular staff!!! So send your reviews to -

Jonathan "WB" Gray -

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The Comics Archive Page

Check out this - The coup de gras of the entire Comics section - Something that NO other Sonic page can claim fame to....The Comics Archive that archives EVERY SINGLE SONIC AND KNUCKLES COMIC SINCE DAY ONE!!!!

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Updated - Sonic: Issues 50 - 100, Knuckles: Early Appearances To Present, Reviews Archive

Sonic Previews !!!

What does the future lie in store for Sonic And Knuckles? Find out at the Previews Page !!! NOW THE ONLY PLACE TO FIND UPDATED FLEETWAY INFO !!!! What makes this THE best place for Sonic Comic Info - Just click and find out......

The Latest Previews

New Previews and covers For Sonic 68, 69, 70, Knuckles 22, 23, 24, 25, and SSS 8, 9, 10, 11!! Plus A LOT of comics news as and old

Sonic Reviews !!!

Check out the reviews of the Sonic comics by some of the best reviewers on the net! From now on all reviews will be done by Kirk "Kedzie-K" Collington of The Sonic Foundation! Special thanks to Kedzie for letting us link to his reviews! Not only do you get Kedzie's reviews, BUT also reviews from the headman - Daniel Drazen !!!!

The latest reviews are for:

Sonic #66, Knuckles #20, and Sonic Special 7 - The Image/Archie Crossover

Dan Drazen - Sonic #66, Knuckles #20, and Sonic Special 7 - The Sonic/Image Crossover.

Sonic Grams !!!

Set up and designed like the Sonic Comics Letters Page this section houses that stuff thats out of the ordinary and find links to that "special" Sonic stuff that doesn't normally fit on the other pages! Here you will find links to THE BEST subpages on the net - The Sonic FAQ File, Green Gibbon's Sonic Museum, Alessandro Sanassi's Sonic Manga Page, and The Sonic Writers Guide as well as some other surprises! ....

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Sonic Grams

The Mobian Profiles And Locations Page!!! - Under New Design

Who's who in the Sonic And Knuckles Universe? What are some of the strategic locations on Mobius? Cant find your way between a Freedom Fighter and a Chaotix Member? Then check out The Mobian Profiles for the current stats on your fave heroes and fave villians as well as some other useful info to get you introduced to Sonic....Coming soon to a Sonic HQ near you...

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Sonic Interviews - The Comics Section!!!

A new addition to the comics page are the interviews that will be done! Starting with none other than Sonic And Knuckles writer/artist Ken Penders - whenever the chance comes up we'll have SOMEONE to interview occasionally! So check here to see the latest - ANd maybe a spoiler or two....

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The Ken Penders Interview

The Comic Scans !!!

What were your favorite moments in the comic! Looking for some pics that will make you go - I REMEMBER THAT !!! Then Check out The Comic Scans page !

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New Sonic pics plus all new Knuckles Scans Added !!!

Writers And Artists Info - Coming Soon

Who writes and draws the comics you read? Come here to find background info on all of the artsts and writers of The Archie Universe from Ken Penders and Patrick Spaziante to Sam Maxwell And Mike Gallagher. Located here is their debut, best story, information, and examples of the artists artwork !!!

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Section Not Up Yet

The Fleetway Sector !!! - Currently Under Construction

So far all that is up is the Comics storylist for Sonic The comic BUT look here for a few MORE surprises along the way......!

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The Sonic The Comic Storylist!!!

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